Since 2005

This place gave us legends, traditions and history…

A story of ingredients

What we used to make at home…

What the housewife was cooking…

In continuation of tradition and homemade food we gave smells and added forgotten spices and ingredients.

Bon appetit…!!!

Rock cauldron

Like old times we continue it tsikoudia production

Every fall live also on summer there is a presentation of how the tsikoudia comes out..

About Cretan Nutrition

“Initially, the protective effect of Cretan cuisine on human health was attributed to its high monounsaturated fat content, due to the daily use of olive oil, as well as low saturated fat, due to the low consumption of red meat. Today, it is recognized that this particular diet has significant additional potential, providing the necessary micro-components (e.g. vitamins and minerals), which are rich in ω-3 fatty acids, plant fibers, antioxidants and various phytochemicals, which have significant influence on several body functions, and a beneficial effect on health.”

Michalis Panagiotakis (Chef) – Institute of Cretan Nutrition

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The TravellerThe Traveller
09:47 28 Jul 22
All perfect.English speaking chief.Excellent local food.Very peaceful environment.
John MagdalinosJohn Magdalinos
15:06 19 Jul 22
I struggle to think of a better eating experince than this in the whole of Crete. Every single dish I've tried is exceptional! The owner is a great guy who will guide you in choosing a nice course if you don't know what to get. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!
Yiannis AYiannis A
20:01 08 Aug 21
Amazing food! Awesome staff !
Virginia TVirginia T
10:17 22 Jun 21
One of the most amazing places on the island, once the food arrives, it is so fresh, perfectly warm at the right temperature and homemade that with the first bite it feels like your soul is blossoming because of pure happiness. I highly recommend this place and their pasta in broth, beef and feta with tomato marmalade🍅
George VandoulasGeorge Vandoulas
20:08 27 Aug 20