Goules Tavern


This place gave us legends, traditions and history…

According to the old people, “Goules” was the founder of our village.

The legend wants him to be a pirate, romantic and hunted, but he became local…

He became local by cultivating and taking what mother earth gave him.

Determined not to let time erase the writings  from these stones and from our minds and having a debt, for other generations,  we greet you from the warm part of our hearts.

Make yourself comfortable and as long as we don’t have space,  “on top of our head” the “found”  and “whatever comes out of our barrel”.

 …Bon appetit !.


We opened mom’s old drawer, took the forgotten recipes and dusted them off. We went out into the countryside and collected forgotten spices and smells…

We asked old and new… We combined all this with the expertise of some who know eating habits and nutrition. We made a menu based on the diet of the old “a little bit of everything” and “what you find”.

We have and sometimes we don’t have some of these, but the coals are always lit and warm as is the welcoming heart of the Cretan people.

Based on olive oil, fresh and local products, we try to give something new to the taste.

Try the “Sympetherio” and the “Kourmulato”, the “Pork with Xynokhontro” or “Kokkora Krasato with Skoufichtas Handmade Macaroni”.

Choose a Cretan cheese and enjoy the “Goules” salad…

welcome to our special menu!


Cretan diet – Cretan cuisine – is the traditional Mediterranean cuisine on the island of Crete. The core of this diet consists mainly of plant sources, while animal products have a more limited use.

The Cretan diet respects the seasonality of products and their local character. In Crete, the consumption of olive oil, legumes, fruit and potatoes is higher than in other Mediterranean countries, while the consumption of meat, fish and cereals is lower.

After the Second World War, several studies have been published to evaluate the effect of the Cretan diet on human health, as the average life expectancy in Crete impressed the researchers.

The beneficial effect of the Cretan diet on human health was attributed to the high content of monounsaturated fats derived from the daily use of the excellent quality of local olive oil, as well as to the low consumption of red meat (saturated fat).

Today, this particular diet is recognized as offering possibilities for development and wider use in order to bring beneficial results to human health.